1. Which access restrictions or COVID rules apply?

The 2G + rule applies, i.e. access only fully vaccinated or fully recovered + negative rapid antigen test (max. 24h old) or PCR test (max. 48h old) + ID card.

2. What do I have to bring with me to enter?

4 documents: your digital vaccination certificate, your negative test result, your ticket and your identity card.

3. Which vaccination certificates are accepted?

We only accept digital vaccination certificates.

4. Which test certificates are accepted?

We only accept certified evidence of tests carried out at admitted test centers.

5. How old can the test result be?

The test result of the rapid antigen test may not be older than 24 hours. The test result of the PCR test may not be older than 48 hours.

Please bring your ID with you for verification.

6. Where can I have my test done?

Anywhere. You can get tested in your hometown and bring the result with you, or you can get tested for free on site in Cologne at Germany's market leader MEDICARE. Book your appointment now at www.covid-testzentrum.de.

The test is free for everyone - including foreigners!

7. Are self-tests also accepted?

NO !

8. Is the rapid antigen test also free if I come from abroad?

Yes. Since November 13, 2021, everyone in Germany can again be tested for the corona virus free of charge (so-called "citizen test"). Everyone is entitled to at least one free rapid antigen test (PoC test) per week. This applies regardless of vaccination or convalescence status and is independent of residence in Germany.

An official photo ID must be presented to prove the identity of the test person to be able to take advantage of this.

TIP: Take your free citizen test at Germany's market leader MEDICARE and book your appointment now at www.covid-testzentrum.de

The test is free for everyone - including foreigners!

9. I do not have a digital vaccination certificate and come from abroad, what now?

Please try to obtain a digital vaccination certificate from a pharmacy, a doctor or the responsible health department.

10. Do I have to bring my identity card with me?

Yes, as this is required to compare the 2G + certificates and to provide proof of age. Another official document in the original, such as the driver's license, is also fine.

11. I am fully vaccinated or have recovered - do I have to get tested beforehand?

Yes. You will only get access to our event if you can submit a negative test result to us in digital form.

12. In what form can I prove my vaccinated or convalescent status?

In order to be able to process the admission as quickly as possible, have your Covid certificate ready as a QR code (Corona Warn App / CovPass App).

13. I am not vaccinated - can I attend the event?

No. Due to the increasing incidences, the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia has passed new corona protection ordinances. For clubs, the 2G + regulation applies, which only allows access to vaccinated and convalescent people with a negative test certificate.

14. Is there a test facility at the BOOTSHAUS?

Yes. There will be a test site at the boathouse that will be open from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.

If possible, please do your test beforehand in order to avoid unnecessarily long waiting times on the premises. You can find numerous test site locations of our partner MEDICARE here: www.covid-testzentrum.de

15. I have mild / moderate / severe symptoms, can I still come?

No. Please stay home if you have symptoms of illness to protect yourself and everyone else. We also reserve the right to exercise house rules in the event of any suspicion and to refuse entry.

16. How does the admission work?

First there is the Covid-Check, stop for it so please have your proof & test ready. Then it goes to the security and ticket control as usual.


1. Are the tickets tied to names?

NO !

2. Do we have to come to 5 with a 5-person group ticket?

NO !

3. Can I resell, give away or give my ticket to someone else?


4. Is there a box office?

Basically yes - at a sold out event, however, the in-out rule applies, i.e. only when a guest leaves the party, a guest comes in at the box office.

5. I bought a ticket from someone; Do I have to have the ticket re-personalized in my name?

NO !


1. When does admission start and when does it end?

Admission is from 10:00 p.m. The party ends at 7:00 a.m.

2. Is there a cloakroom or lockers?

Yes, the cloakrooms are open regularly. There are also lockers in a heated tent in the parking lot in front of the BOOTSHAUS.
You can buy Lockers online at https://www.sexyparty.cologne/tickets/.

3. Do I have to wear a mask?

Until the corona check, the mask and clearance requirement applies to the entire site. After the corona check, you can take off your mask, this also applies in the club and outside. There is also no obligation to distance yourself in the club.

However, we ask that you continue to comply with the usual rules of conduct, such as coughing and sneezing into the crook of your arm and regular hand washing or disinfecting.