Sharon is fast becoming renowned across the European circuit, a few years ago Sharon realised that if she wanted to play for the boys, she had to play like one of the boys. She turned her attention to working for some of the most prestigious gay clubs/events across the UK, Europe and Mexico, and from then a Circuit Boy was born, only this was a little different. Sharon’s set raises the roof every time, each set is unique to the floor in front of her. The reason Sharon is fast becoming a well know name on such a large scale globally is because every minute of her set comes with energy, warmth, love, humour, appreciation and respect for those who believe in her and give her the opportunity to share a bit of O LOVE.

Sharon O Love’s music feeds the SOUL… invite her to share this with you and many others on the dancefloors across the world.

Residencies: Hard On (London) / Bear Necessity (London) / Lovechild (London) / Booster (London) / NY Club (Munich)

International Floors: Matinee (Paris) / Rapido Events (Amsterdam) SEXY PARTY (Cologne) / GorgeousIAM (Rome) / Funhouse (Amsterdam) / Saint (Munich) / 136 Grad (Hamburg) / Spyce (Paris) / Tea Light (Paris) / Lesboa (Lisbon) / AYOR (Geneva) / Propaganda (Berlin) / Hotwired (London) / White Party (Europe) / Hustlaball (London) / Gay Villiage (Rome)