His passion for beats developed at an early age. On his way to 128bpm Moussa stopped by at hip hop, but soon his love for electronic vibes grew in him. Moussa collected records early on and indulged in progressive sound during the 90s. Soon he realized his true love: The love for house captured him, and soon he became a true warrior of house – from the depth of his heart. “Sometimes I think, house is being neglected – I fight for it with my sets”, Moussa smiles.
A house set is like a sexy sunset at the beach. A night with this charismatic DJ is a non stop flight accompanied by raging beats, mixed with balearic sounds and bumping tones. Sexy hip action is guaranteed – tomorrow never dies if Moussa is at the controls. This has let to him taking the scene by storm in 2009 – all across Europe. .
From a collector of records and label expert he finally became what he is today: the man in control behind the turntables. Within no time his way took him to the top of DJing. In an instant Moussa became the insider tip of the European scene – even in London he turned up as a regular at the renowned Matinee. But even more his lust for nightlife brought Moussa to South Africa where he captivated Cape Town at New Year’s Eve… Can you ask for more? .
His style has many faces. If you ask the musician working on his first production in a studio what has influenced him the most in the past years, he recalls styles from Hip Hop, R’n’B, Jazz and Dub and even Reggae. You can feel this in his sets: complex, thrilling, sexy and impulsive. Moussa has everything in his bag that’s necessary for a night par excellence at the club. He himself describes his style simply as classic house made for the clubber. A kind of house that’s often forgotten, but which is one of the greatest and enthusiastic in electronic music. .
A small but unforgotten experience in his DJ career was a special night in a club. The other DJs, which should have played after Moussa, chose to party to his set instead of playing themselves. So he ended up playing the whole night. That was not the first time that that happened. .
The list of clubs he rocked is long.