MarushaBiographyMarusha is one of the most concise and inspiring media personalities of the German entertainment business. She is unmistakable and has her very own and specific style, as a DJ, a music producer, presenter or as an actress. Marusha is always Marusha. When she was asked to come to Berlin in 1990 in order to set up a new radio show for DT 64 radio show, it was the start to a matchless career.With her “Rave Satellite” she enthused with her very own style and unconventional moderation, hundreds and thousands of listeners, and over a period of 17 years, she was the most well known maker of the best-known and most successful DJ radio in the German-speaking area. Some of the biggest hits she delivered personally.With “Somewhere over the rainbow” she managed to get a platinum mega seller and one of the biggest hits of the techno movement in general. The track is still considered a well-known classic and created the 90s techno decade and this music was the beginning of a new dimension of success. Her albums “Raveland” and “We” sound like a soundtrack of highlights of the fun generation. Worldwide, she sold until today several million records. With her videos (the legendary video for “Deep” by Hollywood producer and Madonna ex man Guy Ritchie) and her TV show “Feuerreiter” Marusha became the face and a style icon of the techno-house movement. She received numerous awards and honours, the “Echo”, “Golden Bravo Otto”, including “VIVA Comet” receiving nominations for the MTV Awards. She also hosted the MTV show MTV Select. As a DJ Marusha started an international career fascinating with her sets, not only the most important major events in Europe from Mayday over Loveparade, Nature One, and Satisfaxion Esperrago festival, but also at club gigs around the globe. From Japan to Brazil to Russia, she always represented as an ambassador her musical style and crowned the Expo 2000 in Hanover with her gig on the evening of the closing event. But she always retained her love for underground.
Since 1998 she presentsunder her pseudonym „Maru“ her own collection of class break-beat tracks, which are enjoyed amongst the fans like something of a “cult-character”.2012 she released her seventh album “Club Arrest”, a true trip through various genres of electronic music, as exciting as her live set, onlythat she has really produced all these