Naturally talented and noted music designer bringing original, sophisticated, even ‘dirty’ soundtracks from Deep, Underground and Old School to Tech and Progressive House to Techno.

Born in the countryside, in the province of Frosinone (Lazio, Italy), international DJ and producer, Daniele D’Alessandro, aka DDJ, moved to Milan when he was only 2O years old. After spinning for friends and at private parties, he is asked to warm up one of the most famous parties in town, Barbarella , where he soon becomes resident DJ.

After only a few months, he is already in high demand. His presence as “guest DJ” is requested at parties all over Italy, Europe and around the world. He makes the headlines in Lausanne, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, NYC, Paris, Dublin, Munich, Brussels, Cologne, Zurich and more … Sharing the stage, and working with big names of the international house music industry (PAGANO, THE CUBE GUYS, ELIAS, GIANGI CAPPAI, BEN MANSON, MIKE KELLY and CHRIS BEKKER, just to name a few. Building on his success as a prominent DJ, Daniele launches a new house Saturday night party concept in Milan in 2011. In a matter of weeks, a new innovative and catchy brand is born: The Hero Club. It comes as no surprise that some of his original soundtracks are signed by internationally renowned record labels such as GUAREBER, SORRY SHOES, CHECK IN, S2G and TUMBATA . As ambitious as ever, Daniele is always on the lookout for new concepts, projects and adventures. Get ready to hear his music and stay tuned!